Galapagos Islands

No other place in the world is as enchanting as the Galapagos Islands. Its marvelous biodiversity can astound you and make you believe fantasy islands exist,the volcanic archipelago owns a natural reserve unparalleled anywhere else in the planet.Upon experiencing the bounties of nature in the islands, you will no longer wonder why they inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Galapagos is such a rare treat for a traveler like you!
The ease of reaching the Galapagos Islands by plane is a great advantage for many travelers. Wherever you are in the world, all you have to do is book a flight to Quito or Guayaquil in mainland Ecuador. From there, you can travel via TAME, LAN or AEROGAL Airlines to reach the archipelago.

Unique and exciting multi-day cruises, day trips and diving adventures are yours to experience and enjoy with TripEcuador.We have an impressive array of adventure tours in this UNESCO World Heritage Site for nature wanderers with varying preferences. You are in excellent company as you discover the wonders of nature in this fine piece of heaven on earth!

COME AND SEE THE MOST EXOTIC AND NATURAL PLACE IN THE WORLD - THE GALAPAGOS, where animals are not afraid of people and birds do not fly away when you approach them.

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